To be continued

To be continued.



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You know Avedis, what you said actually directly corresponds to Marx’s theory of the falling rate of profit. The problem that Marx found and what some brave economists have dared charted and have now published is the obvious: The Law of Diminishing Returns means that in the rush of different competitors all maximizing profit, the number of competitors in the market collapse as one of them, eventually, comes up with a new technology or even business strategy that strangles the other. This was Wal-Mart supermarts when they moved into town, and then a wasteland when they moved out. (In competition with Amazon.)

Time and Place

Might as well put something on this site while I have it.

My convos will do, since I’m in college and basically writing essays for free to (some) people I don’t care for. Time that I could be using to, you know. Pass my classes. If I get enough traffic I might even tell everyone where its answering from.

I like its reach for now to be honest. For those who stumble upon this place, enjoy the stay.

Oh come on indeed. Is that supposed to be bait or do you really believe that?


Mathew Heimbach of the Traditional Workers Party attacks Richard Spencer of “Hail Trump” fame for a funny reason, Avedis. His Russian ultranationalist wife is as white as snow, but his problem with her is shes half-Georgian and Central Asian and thus not worthy of being called white.


I don’t think anyone has done a run-down of how many Americans are classical Neo-Nazis in this way and those who are of the American flavor of Rockwell neo-Facsist bent who include Southern Europeans as blood brothers. British Neo-nazi hooligans desecrate the graves of IRA hunger strikers and attack Irish soccer fans for just this reason. Irish are sub-human whites after all who never proved themselves by conquering subhuman races and building empires on their bones. Go in the direction of these ideologies at your peril. I don’t believe Armenia is featured as a white people in any white nationalist atlas.


I don’t think statues are an issue if they’re on private land, like that famous giant golden statue of KKK founder General Forest on a property I don’t care to remember. Fine. Keep that land too, those Indians didn’t need it anyway. Its those that are on public property and maintained by public money that people are pissed off about. Statues aren’t cheap and the cost of replacing and washing them is thought of to blacks (and whites too) as a form of neo-slavery. If a private museum wants ’em I agree with the living Robert E. Lee The Fifth (and the first by the way) let ’em have em’. Just don’t make descendants of people, some of whom fought a guerilla war against the Confederacy in the South (like in North Carolina) pay for them. Thats all.


Meanwhile. Remind me. Are you shedding tears for actual races being erased as we speak? Right along with their language, culture and way of life? Even if the oh so horrifying prospect of a mestizo race covering the earth comes to pass, it looks like most people will be speaking West European languages, living like West Europeans and even thinking like modern West Europeans (perhaps to their regret) as fascinating languages, among them those missing the word “murder” in their lexicon are inevitably wiped out.


Read it and weep for humanity. The frontier didn’t vanish, it simply moved. Only one culture- and those allied to it- is enforcing itself upon all others today and the riches underneath the feet of these stragglers they so covet appear to only delay the disastrous contradictions that doom it to oblivion. If no America investors are profiting from the ongoing Indian Wars, I’ll eat my hat. Case closed I guess. I happen to be studying Bronze Age and Classical Greek civilizations this semester, particularly the disastrous Trojan War and the Great Cataclysm that destroyed the Greek’s after that Pyrrhic victory before there was a Pyrrhic victory. I’ve come to conclude that accomplishments like the first phonetic alphabet, the first urban democracy and among the first aqueducts are in vain if the violent maintenance of this civilization mean it will vanish when those who live by their swords die by their swords.


The Europeans only rediscovered how to rebuild aqueducts by the stroke of luck of a few monks taking all the discoveries they could carry and handing it to a civilization just starting its own Golden Age. They were the Saracens. The works were translated into Arabic, added and expanded upon and taught in the first forums of learning they called “universities”.


A veteran becomes a pariah when she blows the whistle on war crimes, not when she commits them. What did you expect? This is the same military that brought the world the Wounded Knee Massacre and Hiroshima.


I guess some Harvard big whig’s conscience only woke up when they heard Manning was transgender. But that error was reversed and the Imperialist wall of silence proved it still stood once again.

Preliminary Thoughts on the ISO

So it is with the tides of the season that the ISO has again made its stand on the wrong side of history

Ukraine’s the spotlight and these snake oil salesmen are talking about a “mass” uprising likes its always a good thing.

The Tea Party also had a “mass” uprising. Its “Restoring Honor” rally was twice the crowd size of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” at the same Washington Monument. I suppose the ISO is now going to skedaddle over and “engage with” the Tea Party. Alas, ever since a Libertarian entered the local (for miles around) very meager anti-war group it has had no presence there, even its sometime-on-and-off leader regular.

And don’t even ask who has effective hegemony over it. They’d say its consensus-based, but end up getting purged over a list-serv e-mail and you’ll find out the ISO’s attitude quick (or somewhat purged depending on how you ask). I suppose this quite apparent Stalinst organization prefers I ponder the error of my aggression to the people in the gulag versus being executed by firing squad. If only, I imagine their leaders thinking; we had both.

More on that later.

With their latter blather (and terrible writing there at that) the ISO should know that for all its sins, the Putin administration has largely kept Ukraine’s Soviet-era economy and infrastructure intact in its trade dealings. That would immediately change under the EU. If theres one thing the EU can do its turn a countries export into an import overnight. Just ask Romania. Alas, Putins offer for a tripartite compromise with the EU and Yanukovych was hardly even mentioned in media Stateside or in Europe-let alone the ISO. To the point, if Yanukovych stayed in power, East Ukraine would have benefited if barely. If the EU took over Ukraine, the entire country would be stripped of anything of value and sent to Brussels to pay it’s Central Bank’s debts. Someones gotta foot the casino bill. Greece knows that treatment very well. 

Clearly Western Imperial powers, as is historically the case; are the ones on the offensive.

But not long after my purge such “ignorance” wasn’t a surprise you see. There are very troubling connections between this organization and CIA fronts. Don’t believe me. Look it up yourself. Their recent mass purging troubles aside, (not the first nor the last) the Left, Right or any other revolutionary who does not identify with the imperialist-ruling capitalist class or its bought political groups deserves an explanation for such treachery. I won’t hold my breath.

And if the ISO cares so much about self-determination well… oh nevermind. Please don’t tell me the second convention had a bigger turn out.

If the relevant NKVDs find this post. Consider this my resignation.

More to come. 

P.S.-World Socialist Website and the Information Clearing House that carries their work is a bastion of logical communist analysis. I do recommend them.